Plätze am Meer


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Important informations for our guests:

  1. From 13.00 h - 15.00 h and 22.00 h - 6.30 h driving is prohibited.
  2. From 13.00 h - 15.00 h we do not accept registrations.
  3. You need to pay when you Check-In
  4. Check-Out for Vacacionistplaces is until 12.00 h and for Rentalcaravans until 10.00 h.
  5. Driving is only allowed at a walking pace.
  6. The stateregulations of Schleswig-Holstein and our own apply.
  7. We offer a Restroom for guests with disabilitys.
  8. Foils on the lawn are prohibited.
  9. Dogs are prohibited.
  10. Please let your Caravans face the sea with your drawbar or the rear in the first 3 rows.